Product info

Merino wool fabric

Merino wool fabric is elastic, breaths well, absorbs moisture and has self-cleaning properties. The fabric has been made using the down of the merino sheep undercoat and is highly valued for its bre qualities. It is extremely soft and thus ideal for baby clothes and even underwear; it isn’t coarse and doesn’t make the skin itch. Merino wool clothes help the baby maintain a healthy and even body temperature. Even if the baby sweats, the fabric will absorb the moisture – the wet spot will remain dry and the wool will keep the baby warm. The wool provides a permanent and natural resistance to microorganisms.

Bamboo fabric

Bamboo bre fabric is antibacterial, breathable and durable to UV rays; it also absorbs moisture and is nice and cooling. It helps keep the baby warm in cold weather and cools in warm weather. The fabric is soft and silky and contains no toxins. The spandex helps make the fabric stretchy, which means that getting dressed is comfortable for both baby and mom alike. The fabric is an excellent choice for a baby’s soft skin and for people with allergies.

Cotton fabric

High-quality elastic cotton jersey fabric that helps maintain a natural balance and follows fair trade principles. All colours are health friendly. The result is an especially soft, skin friendly and excellently breathable antibacterial fabric that is perfectly suited for a baby’s soft skin and people with allergies.

Size scale

Nr.44- prematurely born baby

Bodies, overalls, underwear
0 kuud 50, 56
3 kuud 62
6 kuud 68
9 kuud 74 - 80
1 aasta 80 - 86
1 aasta 6 kuud 86 - 92
2-3 aastat 92 - 98
4 aastat 104 - 110
5 aastat 110 - 116
6 aastat 116 - 122

0 kuud 35/39 - 40/43
3 kuud 44/45
6 kuud 46/47
1 aasta 48/50
2-3 aasta 51/52
4-6 aasta 51/52 - 53/55