Our Story

We grew up following in our grandma’s footsteps, sewing clothes for our dolls already as kids. As we gained experience, we started making dresses for ourselves and later our kids, who have worn the clothes we have designed and made.

This led to the birth of our company, minibeebi, in the year 2000. Our aim is to do what we love most, while focusing on adorable babies. Combining our hobby with work – what could be better? By now minibeebi has grown into a hard-working and forward-thinking company with various cooperation partners that designs and manufactures high-quality baby clothes. The key word is quality, and we never lower our standards. Thanks to our long-term experience in making baby clothes, our collections use high-quality natural and skin friendly materials that don’t cause allergies. We strive for a sustainable and ethical approach in our entire production process. We also concentrate on comfort to make getting dressed as easy as possible for both mother and child alike. The materials are stretchy and have a practical design that considers the different stages of a baby’s development.

We use positive slogans, colourful and playful elements and fun handicraft detailing made with love to guarantee a good and happy mood. Our clothes are wonderful companions throughout the day for both the baby and the mommy and daddy alike.

Our products sport wonderful creatures created by the Pärnu artist Pusa. Pusa is an acknowledged painter and illustrator, who, in addition to several personal exhibitions, has written and illustrated a number of books. Pusa was awarded the Pärnu annual art award in 2011.